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This is where you get the latest scoop on what is happening in our most exciting lives. These links include photographs and some take a little time to download. Please be patient and we will try to keep you informed in pictures.

Come back and visit again, we will try to have something new. Who knows, you may even find yourself here.


Georgia Control Center Celebration

2004 GCC Night at the Races

Chickamauga National Battlefield


Hunting with Sleeping Wolf.  It's Mike's turn.

Matthew's first Band Festival

Our First Cruise

GCC Christmas Party 2004

Family Christmas 2004

Pig Hunting can be Habit Forming

Matthew plays in the District Honor Band

Mom and Dad go Antique

Hunting with Sleeping Wolf.  Matthew gets a wild boar.

7th Grade Band Performance

A Genealogy Trip for Cheryl

Final 7th Grade Concert

Picnic with our Friends

Camp Glisson 2005

August 2005 Birthdays

The School Band Plays at the Football Game

First Eighth Grade Band Concert

Playing with the High School Band

Racing at AMS

Another Hunt, this time with Holds the Heart

Cruisin' the Caribbean 2005

First Hunt of 2006

2006 District Honor Band

Tonya turns 40....Surprise!

2006 WCUMC Picnic

Matthew's Last Middle School Concert

Travis turns 25

Camp Glisson 2006

Hunting for the Hunter's Dinner

Honest to Jorden

First Ever Band Camp for Matt

Photo Day for the Marching Band

Matt's First March

Matt's First Home Game

County Band Exhibition

Tim is a Band Chaperone

The Band plays with the Middle School Band

2006 Family Reunion

The Last Home Game of 2006

Veteran's Day Powwow

Thanksgiving Picnic in the Okefenokee Swamp

The 2006 Band Banquet

The 2006 LHS Christmas Concert

The Great Hog Roundup

The Symphonic Band at Evaluation

Travis has another birthday

Mother's Day at PJ's

WCUMC Picnic 2007

2007 Camp Glisson

2007 Band Camp

Matt Turn Sixteen

Richard Petty Safe Driving Program

Christmas 2007

Sleeping Wolf Hunts With Plays in the Mud (another pig story)

WCUMC 2008

The Boys Go Duck Hunting

Matthew's Junior Prom 2009

The 338th Army Band plays a concert at Nash Farm

Matthew's last summer retreat to Camp Glisson

2009 Cruise to Alaska and Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, & Page 7

Big Oak Hunting Club

GCC goes to Nashville, December 2012

Buffalo Hunt in the Ozarks 2016

Matt & Amanda Wedding 2016

Matt & Amanda Maternity Photos 2018

Matt & Amanda Have a Boy 2018


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