Our Four-Legged Family


(The Vampire Slayer?????)

The Pictures Say It All

Buffy is now one year old. She must be getting older because she can't see as good as she used to.


Isn't she a darling at two years?


I had to include some pictures of Brooke Marie

Here is Brooke and Pal before Pal went to Doggy Heaven

 Zoe the Wonder Dog



2001 - End of the year Update

Older and Lazier



Zoe is older, and we have added a new boy.  Freddie the Freeloader was living near my office in a garbage dump.  He had some friends living with him, but they disappeared leaving him lonely.  It started getting very cold at night, so I asked if he would like to come stay awhile with us.  He agreed, and now won't leave.





Another addition to the family.  A friend of ours has gone into assisted living, and she asked us to take care of her dog.  His name is Spot.  He is a fat boy.  He is very sweet and playful.  He makes a wonderful addition to the group.


We also found out that Fred is not as much a mutt as we thought.  He has all of the characteristics of a Tibetan Mastiff.  Here is his best pose.

And now, it it time to meet Skipper.



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